Sporting Pathway Program - Year 11

Warrnambool College offers the only Sporting Pathway Program outside of the major cities in Victoria. This new initiative aims to use the passion of sport to engage and expand a student’s learning opportunities at our school. This program involves partnerships with the Exercise and Health Science Faculty at Federation University – Ballarat campus, and a range of elite local coaches and qualified fitness instructors.

The program aims to develop the ‘whole athlete’ with a focus on applied science Strength and Conditioning Programs along with advanced cardio enhancement sessions using the latest advances in fitness styles, techniques and equipment. All students involved in the program will complete a minimum three sessions per week in the recently developed High Performance Centre which is fully equipped with the most up to date sports science equipment so that all students have the opportunity to use the same equipment that elite athletes such as AFL footballers, Hockeyroos players and A-League soccer players use as a part of their strength and conditioning programs.

Students will also undertake sport specific training sessions during the week. These sessions will be scheduled before or after school. All sport specific training sessions will be conducted by elite coaches who have been very successful, and in some cases represented their sport at the highest level.

How is the course structured in Year 11

Year 11 students involved in the Sporting Pathway Program will use 1 of the 3 period VCE electives and the 1 period allocated for Study Hall for the SPP.

What is involved in the four periods per week?

  • Cardio enhancement fitness sessions – fully supervised by qualified personal fitness instructors.
  • Unit 2 PE theory sessions – building on knowledge from unit 1 PE studied in Year 10
  • Strength and conditioning program developed by Defy Fitness and supported by Federation University Sport Science staff.
  • All students will wear a unique Sporting Pathways Program uniform that is compulsory for all training sessions and in class activities.

There is a high accountability mechanism built into the program. All students must maintain a 70% or above ‘Attitude and Effort’ grade across all subjects to access the full offerings of the Sporting Pathway Program. If a student drops below this expectation then consequences will be discussed.

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