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Costs at Warrnambool College

Warrnambool College Council and Administration are very conscious of the need to keep costs at a manageable level, and to provide various services to help reduce or offset the expenses involved in starting your child in Year 7. The cost for books and uniforms listed in this information sheet are based on NEW items, based on the 2018 price. Second hand uniforms are also available from the uniform shop. The fees and charges set out are for 2018.

You will receive a booklist from Warrnambool Books in November which you are required to pay when you collect your books in January. Second-hand books are available on the Sustainable Bookshop Site at: http://www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au. More information will be provided in your booklist pack which will be distributed in November.

College fees and charges are invoiced by December to give families as much notice as possible as payment is required before the commencement of the 2018 school year. Payment Plan options are available, a form will be sent home with your booklist pack to set this up.

Warrnambool College 2018 Subject and Camp Charges

School charges, together with Subject Levies for each year level for the 2018 College year were as follows:

The Essential Charges are separated into 2 amounts to enable those families who receive the CSEF payments to allocate of portion of this money to cover the Incursion/Excursion charge, and therefore reduce the total amount they need to pay.

Year Level

Essential Charge

Essential Incursion & Excursion Charge  Materials & Activities



$120.00 $160.00



$120.00 $160.00



$120.00 $170.00



$95.00 $260.00



$95.00 $195.00
MiVCE/VCAL $135.00 $95.00 $155.00

These charges cover items such as: the Maths Pathways program, English Wordflyers program, school planner, leadership programs, class sets of books to reduce the booklist cost, entry to the pool and athletics for sports, Sporting charges for Affiliations, compulsory PE curriculum from years 7-9, visiting speakers and performances, Careers Support, Pathway Planning, Sporting charges for Affiliations, Year 7 College hat, Workbooks, swimming goggles, Wellbeing program and electives subjects charges.

2018 Warrnambool College Band Levies

(for students who choose to participate in the College Band)

  • Band participation is a charge of $115 for Year 7 students and $230 for all other students
  • Instrument Hire charge is $200.00 per year
  • The Music Academy is optional @ $80.00

Camp Information

Camp costs are payable prior to the camp, a separate invoice will be issued when payment is due. An example of our current camps programs, together with the 2017 costing is as follows:

Year Level Camp Cost - GST Free (Activities) Cost - GST   Inclusive   (Catering)
Year 7 March $175.00 $105.00
Year 8 March $155.00 $95.00
Year 10

City Orientation Camp to Melbourne

$215.00 $70.00

*There may also be subject specific camps throughout the year  

Uniform Costs

Uniforms will be available from the College Uniform Shop.

Jacket $88.00 Summer Dress $76.00 - $83.00
Polo Shirt Short Sleeve $29.50 Socks $8.25
Polo Shirt Long Sleeve $32.50 Shirts - Short Sleeve $27.95
Winter Skirt $129.00 Bag $71.00
Trousers $49.99 - $54.99 Summer Shorts $35.95
Pullover $83.99 - $98.99 Pullover VCE $83.99 - $106.99
Hoisery - Single $8.50 Hoisery - 3 Pack Microfibre Tights $29.99
Hoisery - Single Heavyweight Cotton/Nylon Tights $11.99 - $13.50 Shirts - Long Sleeve $29.99
Sports Polo $29.50 Sports Shorts $33.99
Rugby Top $89.99 Track Pant $54.95
Bucket Hat $17.99    

Black Leather Polishable Footwear from $135.00 
T-­‐Bars from $70
NOTE: Prices vary according to size


Polar Fleece Jacket – available from the Uniform Shop. 

Some ideas to help plan for uniform costs:

  • Lay‐by will be accepted
  • Second-­hand uniforms are available from the Uniform shop on a regular basis. Dates of trading are available from the General Office
  • Arrange with an older child to purchase their outgrown uniform
  • State schools relief vouchers are available for year 7 families in receipt of CSEF funding. Please contact the College.

Book Costs

Warrnambool Books is the name of the College’s official book supplier

A list of textbooks, stationery and fees will be issued to children enrolling in the College during November. Payment for these items is due when the booklist is collected late in January. As a result of moving to iPads the booklist costs are minimal.

Warrnambool College Pre-payment Scheme

Warrnambool College operates a partial payment option to help Parents/Guardians meet the cost of school charges. Parents/Guardians are able to make partial payments on a monthly basis.

  • You will receive notice of the school fees in December.
  • You will have the ability to select the monthly payments option which will allow you to make smaller payments.
  • Families eligible for the Camps, Sports and Excursion Funding are reminded to call into the College to complete the application at the start of the school year.
  • For those families who receive Centrelink benefits we also have a facility to enable a portion of your payments to be paid directly to the College to cover your cost.

Further details are available from Mrs Christine Dickson by visiting the College office or phoning 5564 4444 during office hours.

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