Childers Term 1 Newsletter

Swimming Sports

The sea of Childers yellow descended on Aqua Zone with all the bristling energy of a carnival for the Warrnambool College Annual Swimming Sports.  

Our supporters were out in force, and although not the keenest swimming house, we managed a creditable 4th in the competition.  The main Childers highlight included Blake Turner’s very fast journey into the record books, steaming up lane 1 with an all-time College best of 25.9 seconds in the 20-year boys’ freestyle.  As a team, our under 13 boys were the strongest competitors, with huge participation.  Blake Turner and Gemma Ward were crowned age group champions, and the student leaders acknowledged the top 3 swimmers in each age group with a display in the Childers corridor.

Athletic Sports

Childers’ next team event was the Athletics Sports at Brauerander.  We are awaiting the results of the Athletics to determine the overall house winner and the individual performances. One highlight from the day that wasn’t recognised with a medal were the four Childers Bananas (Ryan Cooke, Jordan Fitzgerald, Caleb Stewart, and Isaac Fenton, all in year 11) crossing the line together in the 100m sprint.  The group were representative of the great spirit and fun on the day and they helped the junior year levels understand Childers passion!

Assembly marks the anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations

On Monday, 13th of February, Childers had a special assembly for the 9th anniversary of Kevin Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations. It was an important day in history for us to recognise as a house due to the fact of the impact that the prejudice towards Indigenous Australians during the 1910's to 70's in both our local community and nationwide. The assembly was one of reflection and recognition. Year nine student, Kara Graham read Bernice Clarke's speech, which she was unable to perform when she was awarded an Australia Day Award for service in the local community. Kara's courage to read the speech in front of her peers was tremendous. The speech resonated with students and teachers on this day of such importance. Our house leader, Mr. Dart read Kevin Rudd's 'Sorry' speech and reflected on stories during the stolen generation from the local community as a part of the assembly which helped students grasp both why the day is so significant and why it is important for us to remember it. At the end of the assembly, Archie Roach's Weeping forest played and both students and teachers had a moment's silence to reflect on the day, and to hope for the future.

— Sophie O'Brien, Childers Publicity Leader.

School Leaders and Year 7 Induction Ceremony

Warrnambool College and Childers House inducted the class of house leaders and welcomed the new year 7 students and their families at an official ceremony on Wednesday the 15th of February. The ceremony’s intention is to give a snapshot in time that families can reflect on when their students leave our College for further opportunities. There was enormous family support with the hall overflowing and students were welcomed with thunderous applause. Each house left the stage with their own colourful ditty, with ‘Yellow Submarine’ getting a run for Childers, and ‘Brush your teeth with orange juice’ (for Merri) a surprise hit with the crowd.

Relay for Life Participation

Childers has a strong tradition of philanthropy and participation in whole school activities, and kept the tradition alive for 2017 at the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life event at Deakin University. Childers support the Cancer Council, especially around Daffodil Day, so the cause has extra resonance for our students. Participants make sure that someone from the team is walking a lap of the oval at any time, keeping a vigil of support overnight, reflecting the journey of people and families affected by cancer.

We thank the following students for their participation: Grace Szegi, Anna Barker, Marli Cooke, Amber Cooke, Alison Edwards, Emerson Henriksen, Millie Locke, Luke Wilkens, Emily Ward, Caitlin Chenoweth, Samara Howie, Lachlan Jenkin, Sophie Lake, Tess O’Connor, Charles Patterson, Meg Reuel, Ali Rowe, Jemma Rowe, Flynn Rowe, Jasmine Shears, Jess Greenwood.

Great individual fundraising efforts included:
Tess O’Connor raised $535 and was the top fundraiser in the Warrnambool College team.
Charles Patterson raised $250
Anna Barker raised $110

International Women’s Day Assembly

Student leader Sophie O’Brien worked with teacher Mary Luke to create a house assembly to mark International Women’s Day. Sophie’s message sought to raise awareness of issues that affect women in Australia and the world, and in our school community. While raising the issues, Sophie also empowered students to contribute to a social environment that was inclusive and encouraging for everyone. School Captain and Childers House Leader Charlie Locke was in awe of the courage a year 9 student showed to present on such a powerful and emotive issue, and the house leadership team echoes that support and encourages our students to take considered stands on issues that are important to them. It was great that students could listen to the message and take action if they wished as well. Childers students have made pledges to ‘Be Bold for Change’ and have shown those pledges in the Childers corridor. A range of pledges were made, from supporting female friends to stand up for themselves, girls challenging themselves to take on activities that they might not normally do, to thanking mum for her love and support. International Women’s Day is not about excluding those who don’t identify as women, but giving all the tools to make our community fairer.

WOW points updates

5 students have achieved the 20 point award for the WOW points prizes. This is in quick time! Lots of students have positive balances for the wow points so the prize pool will need to be restocked!
Well done to Sophie O’Brien, Zacc Dwyer, Gemma Lake, Clare Wallace, and Joe Johnstone.

Sun Smart Presentations

Childers student leaders, in partnership with our house charity, the Cancer Council, organised for all students and staff to attend Sun Smart information sessions.  The sessions reminded everyone to slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, slide on some sunnies and seek some shade.  Other interesting facts included the knowledge that melanoma doesn’t always appear in places that have been burnt, it is the most common cancer in young people, and it is the only cancer that is largely preventable from adhering to a few key behaviours.  Students and staff were made aware of the Sun Smart app which has handy information about the UV level for the next day, which is independent on temperature.  The information is customisable to what clothing the person is wearing and their location, so it is a great way to stay safe and un-burnt!


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