Childers Term 2 Newsletter

Student Leaders Plan End of Semester Activities and Daffodil Day

The Childers End of Semester Celebration is coming up on the 30th of June. Our student leaders have been planning the activities featuring a sit-down lunch at the Carmichael Room in the City Memorial Bowls Club. There will be student-led games after lunch. These activities are a great way to bond across all Childers students. Families can approve and pay for the activity on Compass.

Daffodil Day will be early in term 3, on Friday 23rd of August. Student leaders are currently preparing activities for the day including re-vamping the ‘Wall of Hope’ and running the food stall and out of uniform day. Childers has a strong tradition of philanthropy, and are proud of the way that our students are helping to develop awareness of cancer and creating a way for our community to share the stories of hope, challenge, and grief in a healthy way.

Childers Students Showing Consistently Positive Behaviours

From the start of Semester 2 Headstart (Monday, 19th June), students and families are advised that merits will no longer cancel out demerits. This means that 5 demerits in a term will lead to a lunchtime detention with the house office, regardless of the number of merits earnt by a student. This change has been made because some students who are by and large behaving in ways that build our community and show our values were bypassing other values consistently and not changing behaviour, especially around correct uniform. Hopefully the new strategy will help continue to build better behaviours.
In the merits category, Childers students continue to be piling up positives! We regularly announce plenty of winners of prizes for reaching 20 point milestones at our fortnightly Friday morning assemblies. We would also like to acknowledge those winners in this missive. If anyone has missed out receiving their prizes at the assembly, please come to the house office to collect them.

40 Points and above:

Cassidy Jamieson, Clare Wallace, Sophie Lake, Ali Rowe, Gemma Lake, Sam Stephens

20 Points and above:

Hollie Burgess, Amber Cooke, Sophie O’Brien, Kayne Hallinan, Brayden Locket, Zacc Dwyer, Aleksander Fedley, Sophie Keane, Courtney McFayden, Noah Drake, Jaxon Halliday, Tess O’Connor, Tully Farrington, Kailan Henry, Joe Johnstone, Ella Mitchem, Meg Reuel, Kayla Shears, Alison Edwards, Ashley Summers, Charles Patterson, Melody Speed, Emily Ward, Emily Aboott, Alex Chislett, Aaliyah Gainey, Samara Howie, Flynn Rowe, Mark Tate, Jade Bell, Lachlan Jenkin, William Summers, Alexis Finnigan, Antonia Lengeling, Jordan Musico, Senen Bourke, Sam Cargeeg, Taylah Hernan, Tahni Porter, Luke Wilkens, Kade Gordon, Daniel Harris, Hayden Kane, Daniel Lewis, Gabrielle Gardiner, Asia Henry, William Janssen, Erin Kavanagh, Lachlan Roberts, Riley Thomas, Duncan Ward, Lori Boyd, Marli Cooke, Bella Mpoyo, Tayne Perry, Will Turner.

Childers students’ Attitude and Effort grades remain the highest on average in the school, with an average of 69.84 across the whole house! We were especially pleased that each tute in Childers improved their Attitude and Effort average, showing that tutors and students are working together to build a better learning environment at Warrnambool College.

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