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Daffodil Day Cancer Awareness and Fundraising Activities Upcoming

In anticipation of Daffodil Day on the 25th of August, our student leaders have been organising activities that raise awareness of the impact of cancer on our school and wider community.  Following on from the SunSmart seminars delivered to each year level and staff in term 1, Childers student leaders will receive a visit from Vicky Jellie at Peter’s Project, to share more local cancer stories and the challenges associated with patient support in regional centres. 

Student leaders have also set up our wall of support in Childers’ corridor, that allows students and staff to offer messages of hope, support, and remembrance for people they know with one of the various forms of cancer or for supporters and carers of those with the disease.  The range of cancers is represented by a different colour ribbon and this gives a chance to raise awareness as well as share common stories.

Finally, before the day, we are encouraging students to sell Daffodil Day merchandise.  The items are available from the Childers office and students could sell them to family, friends, sporting clubs or other groups they are involved in to help raise money for the Cancer Council.

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The theme for the out of uniform day is ‘Op Shop’.  We hope that people get into the spirit of the day early and come up with some old school fashions and find a bargain as they do.  On the 25th there will be a bake sale and we ask that Childers families consider making and donating something to raise funds on the day.  In addition, there will be cold drinks and chips and gravy on sale at lunch time. 

Year 10 Students Riley Chislett and Jordan Telford Show their Desire to win the Spaghetti eating comp

There will be the Annual Spaghetti Eating Contest, which will crown a new champion.  Having been won the first four years by the legendary Leima Heremeia, we are looking for a new champ, hopefully from Childers!

It is a great day for the house and it has been great to see our leaders planning and working hard in preparation.

School Musical- Jesus Christ Superstar

Though these students have been acknowledged with acclaim of their adoring fans during the performance, we wanted to recognise the awesome efforts of the Childarians involved…

WOW Points

Cassidy Jamieson has pushed past 60 merits.  Great effort!

Above 40 points are Hollie Burgess, Ali Rowe, Sophie Lake, Clare Wallace, Gemma Lake, Sam Stephens, Amber Cooke, Kayne Hallinan, Brayden Locket, Tully Farrington, Sophie O’Brien, Aleksander Fedley, Courtney McFayden, Noah Drake, Alex Chislett and Tess O’Connor

So many of our students are above 20 points, it won’t fit here, but great to see so many students behaving in a way that consistently shows our school values and community leadership.  Keep on thriving!


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