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Celebrating Tutorials – The corner stone of Houses

Some might believe that the purpose of tutorial each morning is to mark the roll and hand out messages, however Tute is so much more and this week we are celebrating our tute groups in Logans. 

Even before students arrive for their first day of year 7, they are allocated to a tutorial group; this becomes part of their identity at Warrnambool College for their remaining 6 years.  As I went to each of our Logans tutes on Wednesday taking photos for the newsletter, it became apparent that each tute has its own personality. One was building card houses in a tightly contested competition, another was very loud and chatty and had a real energy in the room, others were quietly sitting in groups and preparing for the day ahead, there was music playing and everywhere there were one on one conversations between tutors and students. In one room students were throwing pieces of paper at the bin, not in the act of practicing their basketball skills, but rather working with Melanie Shultz our Big Life Coordinator as they undertook an activity in looking at privilege and opportunities. The Big Life program has become an integral part of our tutorial program, evidence of these lessons is visible in rooms, gratitude walls and growth mindset posters are just some of the examples of Big Life being on display every day. Tutors become the first person that our students see in the morning, the person who answers their questions, guides them through the business of school, and has conversations with them about their progress and life outside of school and with whom they build a lasting relationship over their years at Warrnambool College. Tutors know our students better than anyone else in the school, and are the first point of call for families. Our students are all diverse in their natures and needs and tute groups become a space where that diverse nature becomes apparent and celebrated.

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Tute Music Comp

Previously we spoke about a music comp happening in tute each Friday, students picked songs that pre-dated the 2000’s, the songs were played in tute and voted on. This week the final results came in and the winners announced. Congratulations to:

L2 – Harry Baker – Never Tear Us Apart
L4 – Liam King – We Are The Champions
L5 – Ollie King – The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
L6 – Alistair Artz – Jackson 5 ABC

Picture8In the spotlight – Liam Stow, Logans House Captain

Why did you put your hand up for the House Captain role?
I enjoy working with others and having a say within the school. I like to be able to influence change. I’d already been in Logan's leadership for a few years and it seemed like a natural progression. I’d been middle-school leader, sports captain and philanthropic leader. I also had some experience in the engagement and wellbeing committee and was selected to take part in The Great South West Ice challenge.

Have there been any personal challenges along the way?
Yes, I’ve always struggled with public speaking and in particular reading things out in front of others. It became a personal goal of mine to try and overcome this. I tackled the problem by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, putting my hand up for opportunities to talk and read in public like speaking at footy dinners, running warm-ups etc. I basically overcame this by practicing.

What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy footy. I play at North Warrnambool as centre-half forward. I spend some time at the pool and go out running when I can, to keep fit for footy.

What are your biggest achievements to date?
Becoming School Captain. There were quite a few names in the hat for this so I was pleased to have been selected. Winning a footy premiership at South Rovers and then going on to play senior footy for North Warrnambool.

Is there something that most people don’t know about you?
Yes – That I’m a big softy…

What are the highlights or best bits of school leadership?
The camps are always pretty memorable as you get to spend time with other leaders and teachers in a positive, fun and productive environment.

Do you see any long-term benefit to being in student leadership?
I found it helps build people skills. I think it’s positive to have it on your resume as employers often see the benefits of being involved in such programs.

What do you think makes a good leader?
Being a genuine person. Having the ability to listen to others and to consider their ideas. Doing the right thing is pretty important too.

Any advice for someone who’s thinking of becoming part of student leadership?
Go for it – just be prepared for the commitment, for some hard work and for taking responsibility. Get involved, it can be very rewarding!

We Need You!!- Student Leaders in 2018

We are now looking towards 2018 and would like to take this opportunity to invite students to consider becoming a student leader in Logan's.  This is an opportunity for you to have a voice, to help lead change in our school and assist in building relationships between our school and the wider community of Warrnambool. Being a leader opens opportunities for you to become involved in leadership programs and builds your skills in teamwork, problem solving and organisation, not to mention the great friendships you develop.  If you have never considered leadership before now might be the time, there is nothing standing in your way. Please collect a nomination form from the house office and consider the benefits of being involved.

Logan's Legends. 


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