Logans Term One Newsletter

The start of 2017 has been both a positive and rewarding start for Logans House.  During the student leadership camp at the end of 2016, our student leaders decided that the focus for their year ahead was to build house spirit and encourage involvement in house activities.

Their first test was at the House Swimming Sports.  The day was hot as was the competition in the pool.  Our students rallied in the first events and supplied relay teams in all age groups. This strength in numbers saw Logans gaining maximum points for maximum participation.  The trend of the day flowed on from here, with the number of purple caps in the pool growing with every event.  At one point as I looked at the end of the pool, I was met with 6 purple caps across the middle of the pool.  The percentage of Logans students as a whole participating in the day increased from previous years and all students who found it within themselves to share in the house spirit should be congratulated and share in the victory! Congratulations also to Mikayla Bond, Rhys Kent and Brittany Leach for their outstanding achievement of three wins for three races.


Our student leaders worked hard at the swimming sports to encourage students to swim and lead by example themselves in the pool. However, it is not only in the pool that our leaders are leading by example. This Wednesday saw the first of our fortnightly house assemblies. The students will lead these assemblies to bring the house together as a group to enable everyone to share in and celebrate the achievements of Logans.


Liam Stow, one of our House Captains and School Captain, featured in The Standard on Saturday the 11th of Feburary. Liam was asked to discuss his aspirations for year 12 and how he plans to balance his workload. “Liam’s motto is: “To keep up with the work I’ve been given and try and do a bit extra to give myself the best opportunity I can.” While Liam talked about what he hoped to achieve at the end of VCE, he was confident that he wanted to enjoy his time here at school and being a part of the Warrnambool College community. “I’m looking forward to being with the whole year level enjoying our last year together and making it one to remember,” he said.” This attitude and application to studies and opportunities at Warrnambool College is integral to making the most of experiences in life.


Tiffany Tracey, one of our middle school captains, has started the year strong in public speaking. Tiffany won the public speaking section of the Warrnambool Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest. This was a tightly contested competition with students from Brauer and Emmanuel Colleges also competing. This was only the start of many public speaking competitions for Tiffany this year.

So, we are now four weeks into the term and as we reflect on the goals of the student leaders to encourage house spirit and participation, I think we can say that Logans is off to a flying start. The athletics sports will be on Tuesday 7th of March and then early in Term 2 will be our annual Logans Day, supporting the Starlight children’s foundation. There are still many opportunities in 2017 for students to be involved and share in the house spirit. 

Logans: Through loyalty, life and learning, we strive for greatness!



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