vWorkspace is a virtual desktop solution that is now available for all staff and students at Warrnambool College. You can access vWorkspace from any device in any location as long as you have an internet connection.

When you connect to vWorkspace you can access a full desktop session or choose a single app session. The full desktop session is a windows operating system & has all of the licensed software installed that is available at the college.

Some useful scenarios for using vWorkspace:

  • Student BYO device does not have the required applications installed
    • eg. PC does not have MS Office suite installed and cannot use MS Word
  • Student BYO device is old and slow
    • eg. PC is running very slow and programs have errors 
  • Application required is not available on student device because of operating system restriction
    • eg. iPad user requires access to Adobe Photoshop for advanced editing
  • Student can access their files and work easily from a shared family device