Our House System will provide a structure that develops an important sense of identity and belonging, provide students with opportunities for participation, involvement and leadership - key aspects to developing self esteem, confidence and maturity. Every student and staff member at Warrnambool College belongs to a House. Every student is known in depth and encouraged along a positive path to their potential. The House System promotes a close partnership between student, family and school.

Each house has its own logo, symbolising the link between the house and the local area.

merri newThe mighty Merri spirit is a fighting force on the competitive field. In this House younger and older students work together developing strong personal relationships.

Merri proudly supports the Taksenkangbloung Community Centre as their House charity.

logansLogans is an inclusive and welcoming house which prides itself on promoting positive relationships and high expectations. Our aim is to provide all students with the encouragement and support required to develop the skills needed for success.

Logans proudly support the Starlight Foundation as their House charity. Go Logans Legends!

hopkinsHopkins House is determined to continue to grow and learn together. They are innovative, inclusive and value each other no matter what year level they are in.

Hopkins House proudly supports the Francis Foundation as their House Charity.



Where growth is nurtured, participation is encouraged, achievement is our vision, compassion is our strength and being awesome is what we do best!

Yes! You wish you were in Childers. 

Childers proudly support Daffodil Day as their House charity.

flagstaffFlagstaff's main focus is relationship building and connections. Flagstaff is a committed House with a true sense of commitment, ownership and passion regarding its future direction.

Flagstaff proudly supports the Red Cross as their House Charity.

belfastBelfast fosters a positive and inclusive culture that encourages students to strive in academia, sport, music and leadership.

Belfast proudly supports Oxfam Australia as their House charity.

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